Songbeat 3.1

A basic online jukebox


  • Easy way to locate music online
  • Fast search and download


  • Limited downloads
  • Built in player is too basic
  • Doesn't warn you about copyrighted music

Not bad

Looking for an easy way to find MP3s? Songbeat is a smart looking application for your desktop that makes finding and downloading and streaming songs a breeze.

Songbeat finds tracks from Seeqpod, Project Playlist, and iASK which gives it a pretty impressive library, so you'll be able to find most songs you want. You can also listen to radio, and record the stream.

Your downloaded tracks are put into a library, and you can play them there or use the option to export songs to iTunes or Windows Media Player. Another interesting feature is the mixtape option, just enter some artist names, and it'll make a mixtape from the songs it finds.

It's all very simple and intuitive, although completely lacks advanced controls which might irritate some users. There have also been questions about the legality of it, as songbeat says you are responsible for copyright issues with downloads despite never warning if its search results are copyrighted or not.

This is not the first program of it's kind, and the 25 song limit has to be a put off. For example, the basic looking MusicTuner, reviewed here recently, offers similar functions without limits (although also without the cool design).

Songbeat is a nice idea, offering a basic way to find songs from the web, although its playback functions are severely hampered by the 25 track download limit on this free version.



Songbeat 3.1

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    Interesting but...
    just basically.Seems like a new approach, but I saw that now they charge you for the search....   More